I’m interested in acts of enlightened self-interest, where what we do to find happiness and fulfillment for ourselves overlaps with creating change and social justice in the world.  I think alternative cultural systems and practices such as yoga, meditation, and other forms of integrated mind/body/community rituals can help us reconcieve our own naturalized truths about happiness, suffering, and fulfillment, fostering change in our individual actions as consumers, students, lovers, laborers and citizens.  But I’m also interested in utilizing the tools developed from the Western sciences, like psychology, neuroscience, biology and anthropology, to analyze ourselves and legitimate alternative ways of seeing and acting in the world that make sense to us in our own cultural system.  I’m a pragmatist, a sceptic, a truth seeker, an advocate, and this blog aims to initiate in-depth dialogue about the relationship between individual human happiness and taking the real, sometimes painful action to alleviate oppression in our society.


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